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More than half century, from generation to generation.

In 1955 Aldero Sciarrini established the company ALDERO Rappresentanze in Civita Castellana, bringing together the efforts of various businesses in the sector to distribute raw materials, chemical additives and colours. Soon after it positioned itself as a strategic supplier for the most important ceramic tableware and sanitary ware companies in Italy.

In the early 1960’s, to respond to increasing market requests, it started operating in the furnace refractories sector, making a name for itself in this new area of industrial ceramics as well.

In the 1980’s ALDERO Rappresentanze became ALDERO snc. It expanded its raw materials sector to include gesso for use on ceramics while also increasing its number of refractory products with a complete line of insulation materials, leading to the company’s subsequent expansion into other industrial areas including the iron and steel, brick making, and cement industries as well as others.
During this decade it also began working with other ceramic technology firms, including the manufacturers of furnaces, casting benches, and drying kilns, and over the next two decades the company contributed to the modernization of many Italian factories.

With the start of the new millennium the company changed its name to ALDERO industrial supplies srl and purchased its new facility in Corchiano (Viterbo province), with more than 5,000 square metres of covered surface area, which has now become the logistical headquarters of the business.

In the following years it launched the karAL product line of sanitary ware fastening and installation accessory products enhancing its traditional line with patented products. In addition, the R&D unit of ALDERO industrial supplies srl became the basis for the creation of the subsidiary ALDEROTECH srl, which patented bisCotta and distributes it throughout the world.