Ceramic Industry


General supplies for sanitary-ware industry and innovative solutions to improve production processes, increasing cost efficiency and reducing enviromental impact.

Technical items

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ALDERO pays particular attention to every single production department, providing essential items to glaze preparation, casting and firing but also for those technical areas, for example the modelling, that are in charge of creating innovative design products with advanced features.

Here follows a list of some of our products on the catalogue divided for sector of pertinence:

  • Glaze preparation: alumina balls and linings for mills - jars and jar mills
  • Casting: sponges and tools for casting operators
  • Firing: pyrometric cones - soft reparation fibre - glue for decals - self-adhesive decals
  • Modelling: wide range of tools for modelling operators

Technical itemsTechnical itemsTechnical itemsTechnical items